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Buy space monkey weed cans online .BANANIMAL is a cross between Banana OG and Animal Cookies. Orange Tree. It has that really nice and seductive Banana scent on the outside and once you break down the flowers it begins to

resemble its predecessor, Animal Cookies, with its loud fragrance. The relief it provides is second to none, this is an

extremely strong strain and it’s exceptionally great for pain relief, insomnia, and nausea.Buy space monkey weed cans online

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5 Tins, 10 Tins, 20 tins, 50 Tins

2 reviews for BANANIMAL

  1. TylerGordey

    Tastiest great good buzzz and at that price can’t go wrong bag appeal isn’t as high as a lot of the buds I’ve got on here buttt smokes awesome and very affordable would like to see a lot more of the good buds at this price

  2. Frogdog13

    Was a great strain

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